Open Cluster    NGC 6910     Cygnus / Schwan
At a distance of 3700 light-years, the open cluster NGC 6910 is located in an extented nebula region in the constellation Cygnus and not far off the galactic plane. This explains the yellow color of the stars in contrast to the blue foreground stars in the vicinity of NGC 6910. The most obvious example is star SAO 49563: the spectral type is B1.5Ia - this star should shine bluish. But due to interstellar extinction and reddening from interstellar dust, the star appears in yellowish color.

G53F GTD G53F + Pulsar Center
20 24   /  + 40 34
Telescope LACERTA Newton 10"/f4 Size
Camera Moravian G2 8300 mono Mag 7.4 mag
Filter Astrodon 1,25'' Stars
Exposure R/G/B 6/6/6  10min  Class
I 2 p n
Software PixInsight Published Astrobin Image of the day 02/09/2015

Aug 2015
Inzersdorf im Kremstal / Austria