Open Cluster    Messier 45 - Pleiades    Taurus / Stier

The Pleiades - an open cluster in the constellation Taurus at a distance of approximately 400 light-years and therefor part of our Galaxy. This open cluster is also known as Messier 45 (M45) and at least 6-7 member stars are visible to the naked eye - the brightes star has 3.0 mag. It is a wonderful object for astrophotographers and for observation with an binocular or telescope.

G53F GTD G53F + Pulsar RA / DE
03 47   /  + 24 07
Telescope LACERTA Newton 10"/f4 Size
Camera Moravian G2 8300 FW brightest Star 3.0 mag
Filter Astrodon 1,25'' Mag. range

Exposure L  15x1min R/G/B 5/5/5  2min 

Published Astrobin Image of the day 27/08/2015
Software PixInsight

Inzersdorf im Kremstal / Austria