Messier 16   Serpens / Schlange
The image shows the center of Messier 16 (or Eagle Nebula) which actually consists of two objects: an open star cluster, with the catalog designation NGC 6611, and a bright HII region  - IC 4703.
The most popular detail of this nebula is the column of dust in the center of the image  - the "Pillars of Creation".
This image is a LRGB  - but more and incredible details are shown in the  H-alpha Image.

Paramount ME Award/published Astrobin
Telescope Planewave CDK 17
Camera SBIG STXL11002 with AOX

Filter Astrodon GenII
Exposure LRGB 3/3/3/3 x 15min  (3h)
Ha 6 x 20min (2h)


Yass, NSW, Australia

Data provided by Martin Pugh