Open Cluster    Dol-Dzim 6    Hercules
Dolidze-Dzimselejsvili 6 - an open cluster in the constellation Aries. Dolidze and Dzimselejsvili (2 unknown astronomers?) have listed 11 unspectacular open clusters in the northern sky. All consists of less stars with moderate magnitude and are grateful objects for observing, already with small optics.
A challenge in processing this image was a reflection of a bright star just outside the image section. Animation

G53F GTD G53F + Pulsar RA / DE
16 45 24  /  + 38 21 00
Telescope LACERTA Newton 10"/f4 Size
Camera Moravian G2 8300 mono Stars 5
Filter Baader LRGB 1,25'' Mag. range
9 - 12
Exposure L  12x5min R/G/B 4/4/4  á 5min  Dol-Dizm  
2h 20min
Software PixInsight / PS CS

April 2015
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Inzersdorf / Oberösterreich